6 and 8oz PLA small lid – opaque

Biodegradable Plastic Lids
6 and 8oz PLA small lid – opaque.jpg6 and 8oz PLA small lid – opaque.jpg

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PLA lids have been designed specifically for BioCups. They are made with strict quality control standards to ensure tolerances are maintained. This ensures they are the most secure fitting lids in the market! Produced from Ingeo plastic, a plastic made from plants and not petreloeum oils, they are carbon neutral. They come in two sizes, one to fit the 8oz cups and one to fit 12oz, 16oz and 20oz cups.

They are suitable for hot beverages. They fit both single and double wall cups. These lids are compostable in commercial facilities, contributing further to their environmentally friendly name.

1000 Per Carton