40oz tubs lid bamboo (fit BTW40)

Made From Bamboo Pulp, Great for Takeaway Salads
40oz tubs lid bamboo (fit BTW40).jpg40oz tubs lid bamboo (fit BTW40).jpg

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Fitted lid for 40oz bowls, made from bamboo pulp.

500 Per Carton / Dimensions: 180x11

Made from unbleached bamboo pulp.. Natural and non-toxic, bamboo fibre is breathable, helping to keep food fresher for longer.  Bamboo products are made from sustainable source forestry practices, where the materials are renewable annually. They are not overfarmed and are not harmful to the environment. The pulp is a byproduct from juicing of the bamboo. It is then processed into the required design. The colour is completely natural. The bowls are rigid and great for all purposes.

 Natural and non-toxic, bamboo fiber is breathable, helping to keep food fresher for longer.